Free shipping for orders over RM99.90 for Peninsular Malaysia
Shipping Options

Free Shipping in Peninsular Malaysia

Every order above RM250 with a shipping address within Peninsular Malaysia will qualify for FREE SHIPPING. However, only standard packaging will be provided if customers opt to use this option. If customers would like to have Extra Protection Packaging or include insurance coverage in their order, please do not opt-in for free shipping and instead select the option that is desired instead.



West Malaysia Shipping

Shipping starts at RM6.99 for the first 5kg and RM1 for every 1kg on top of that. With standard delivery, every lego product will be wrapped in one layer of bubble wrapping before being placed in an empty carton box. When space doesn't permit, we may instead wrap around the carton box.


Scenario A

If the LEGO set you are purchasing is 6.5kg, then we will round that up to the nearest kg (in this case 7kg). Our calculation is then 6.99 (for the first 5kg) + (1 x (7-5)kg) or RM6.99 + RM2 = RM8.99


Scenario B

If the set weighs 3.2kg, we once again round it up to 4kg. Since this falls within the first 5kg range, your final shipping cost will be RM6.99


Customers can also opt-in for Extra Protection Packaging that would bring the initial shipping cost up to RM8.99 and follows the same structure as Standard Delivery where every subsequent 1kg after the first 5kg will cost an additional RM1. With Extra Protection Packaging, we would provide additional layers of bubble wrapping around the product plus any additional bubble wrap to fill the void between the carton box and the lego product. When it makes sense to do so, we may also provide an additional layer of bubble wrapping around the carton box. This should protect the packaging from most physical impact and also wear and tear from the elements.


Scenario C

If the LEGO set you are purchasing is 6.5kg, then we will round that up to the nearest kg (in this case 7kg). Assuming standard delivery + extra protection packaging option is selected. Our calculation is then 8.99 (for the first 5kg) + (1 x (7-5)kg) or RM8.99 + RM2 = RM10.99


Customers may also opt-in to have loss insurance coverage for their package. More details can be found here.



East Malaysia Shipping

Due to the exorbitant shipping cost imposed by the courier for shipping to Labuan, Sabah, and Sarawak. We would like to do a better job of minimizing this cost. We invite our East Malaysia customers to Whatsapp us at 017 6399 368 when trying to place an order and we will do our best to arrange the lowest shipping fee for you. 


Order Processing & Delivery Duration

After you make your order, it will take up to 2 working days for us to process the order before passing it onto our shipping partner.  The estimated delivery duration from our courier services are as such:

  • West Malaysia: 3-5 working days
  • Sabah Preferred Shipping: 3-6 working days
  • Sabah Non-preferred Shipping: 7-14 working days
  • Labuan Preferred Shipping: 7-14 working days
  • Sarawak Preferred Shipping: 7-14 working days
  • Sarawak Non-preferred Shipping: 7-14 working days

It is important to note that courier services do not operate on the weekends. While processing of your orders may happen on the weekend, the actual shipment will not be created until the Monday after. 



Volumetric Weight vs Actual Weight

All weight that is displayed on the site is based on the volumetric weight of the said product. The formula used to determine this is based on the volumetric weight which has the formula (box width x box length x box height) / 5000. This can differ widely from the actual weight of an actual product. For example, a lego set that has a actual weight of 3.0kg and has the box dimension of 100cm x 50cm x 50cm will actually have a volumetric weight of 5kg = (100 x 50 x 50) / 5000. The higher of the two will be used to calculate your final shipping cost. A link to our courier's volumetric calculator can be found here.




Brick and Block reserves the right to combine multiple orders that are placed by the same customer to the same shipping address or separate a big order into multiple shipments when the need arises. Shipping cost will NOT be adjusted and user will not need to compensate or be refunded the difference.