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Loss Insurance Coverage

What is Loss Insurance Coverage?

Brick & Block offers insurance loss coverage to customers who may be interested to secure their purchase in case their package is lost during transit. Our insurance provider is EasyCover and you can learn more about the service from here.



Do I get loss insurance coverage by default when I make a purchase from Brick & Block?

No, unless specified under the shipping option, no insurance is provided and Brick & Block cannot be held liable for loss that may occur during transit.



Who can opt for loss insurance coverage?

EasyCover currently only offers loss insurance coverage to customers in West Malaysia. We apologize to east Malaysian customers as we are unable to offer this service at the moment. We are committed to offering this service when EasyCover makes it an option.



How does loss insurance coverage work?

Assuming customers do opt-in for the service, Brick & Block will purchase the insurance coverage on behalf of the customer. The coverage will begin when the airway bill is issued and will continue to be in effect until the time that the consignee has accepted said parcel. The customer is responsible to inform Brick & Block if they do not receive the package after 14 days and no later than the 25th day after the consignment has been accepted by our courier service or otherwise, the coverage will no longer be valid.  Brick & Block will then collect the necessary documentation with assistance from the customer and then proceed to file the claim with EasyCover. Upon receiving the claim from EasyCover, we will then transfer the claim amount via bank transfer to the customer's preferred bank account. A claim can take up to 28 days to process starting from the first day of claim submission.



How do I purchase loss insurance coverage for my order?

When selecting the shipping option, customers are given the option to insure their package value in incremental tiers. Due to limitations by our website provider, we are unable to offer insurance at the exact value of your order. We recommend selecting the option that is closest to your order value for full coverage.





What if I select insurance coverage that's more than my order value?

In case of loss, the loss insurance coverage will only insure up to the amount of your order. For example, if your order is RM400 and you choose to insure up to RM500. Assuming the parcel is lost in transit, we will only be able to claim up to a maximum of RM400 from EasyCover. The RM100 difference will NOT be refunded to the customer. If however, you chose to insure for RM250, you will be refunded the full RM250 in the same scenario.