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Sales & Return Policy

Brick & Block strives to provide the best service in an effort to get you, the customer, your desired LEGO products. That being said there are certain factors that are within our control and others that may not. Unless otherwise indicated, all products shipped will be in mint in sealed box (MISB) condition. To ensure the product arrives in the best condition, we will wrap every product in a layer of bubble wrap and when necessary will pad any void in the parcel with extra bubble wrap or air pillows. This is to ensure that there is minimal movement of the product and to ensure there is sufficient cushioning from any external forces during transit. 


We however CANNOT guarantee against damages that may be incurred during shipping. This could include, but not be limited to, instances of creases or dents or moisture damage to the product, or even loss of product during transit.  By purchasing from Brick & Block, the customer agrees that they have understood that this could be a possibility and that Brick & Block cannot be held liable for loss or damage to your parcel. Loss insurance coverage is available to customers who are shipping orders within Peninsular Malaysia and details can be found here.


Depending on where your shipping address is, your orders may arrive anywhere between 3-14 business days after we have handover your parcel to our shipping partners. Further details can be found here.



Advice to our Customers

- Take your time to complete your order to ensure the right item is ordered. Make sure that any coupon code/reward points are properly applied before submitting your order

- We highly DISCOURAGE box collectors from buying from us. As we have no ways to guarantee our parcels against damages during transit, we believe it is best if you purchase from a physical LEGO vendor to ensure you can get the absolute perfect box condition for your purchase. 

- Survey the price of your desired product to ensure you are getting the best price as we will not entertain any return/refund request for said reason.



Return Policy

Any purchase made on our site is final. Under normal circumstances, no returns or full refunds will be issued. Returns for refunds will only be accepted if one or more of these conditions apply:

- A manufacturer defect on the product. Creases and dents to the boxes DO NOT fall under this category. 

- A wrong item from the one ordered has been shipped to you.

- The customer agrees to incur a restocking fee of 10% of the original product's purchase price + shipping cost to return said product. In addition, the product will need to be in its original packaging and be unopened

- E.g. Customer orders products A and B, each costing RM100, and pay a shipping cost of RM8.99 totaling RM208.99. The customer then wants to return product A only. In this case, a restocking fee of 10% of RM100 = RM10 and another RM8.99 for the return shipment will be charged to the customer. Assuming the return procedure (mentioned below) is followed,  RM81.01 will then be banked into the customer's bank account.



Return & Refund Procedure

1. Customers will need to initiate the return process by contacting us on Whatsapp @ 017-6399 368. Customers will need to provide pictures of the product as proof that the item has not been tampered with. Any tampering to the product will disqualify it from being returned. Furthermore, Brick & Block will not accept returns that have not been preapproved. If the user decides to ship the product back without approval, no refunds will be issued and it is the customer's responsibility to repossess the product at their own cost.

2. Once our staff has confirmed that the item has met our return policy, we will issue a shipping label for the customer to paste on the return parcel. The customer will have to put the product in the original packaging as received and paste the new shipping label over the old one. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the shipping label is secured properly to avoid damage to it during shipment. Brick & Block WILL NOT be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Our staff will instruct you on where to drop off the parcel.

3. Once received, the returned product will be checked and verified to ensure it is in a good and acceptable condition. Our staff will then send a confirmation to the customer on the final return status and if satisfactory, the refund will then be issued within 14 business days from the date of receiving the returned product.